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Penny So much has happened since I last posted here.  MrPrepper retired, we adopted our two little grandchildren was finalized, the older of the two started kindergarten, we bought an RV and new truck and we are talking and looking at buying several acres in either Texas, Missouri or Kentucky where we can start our bona fide homestead.

We managed to have a wonderful Christmas among MrPreppers flu, the children both with colds and me with a migraine.  It was hard leading up to Christmas morning, but we put it together and the children loved it.  We incorporated Elf on the Shelf, which the children adored each morning discovering his mischief!  Definitely our new Christmas tradition.


Since I last posted, MrPrepper retired, we bought one RV and took a 6,000 mile trip from WI, IN and IL and back.  Upon returning, we promptly took the 19-foot RV to the dealer and upgraded to a 30-foot rig and a new truck to pull it with!  You can conclude that we have committed ourselves to doing a LOT of camping.  Of course, it serves dual purposes.  Not only is it our get away on weekends, it is in our plans as an emergency shelter if we ever have to bug out.  Yes, we have a plan for where that will be.

We have added two new members to the family.  During our trip to Indiana, we gifted a red-eared turtle we call Monroe (Marilyn passed away before we arrived) that managed to survive the journey back to Washington. Then we adopted a lab mix we named Sadie. 

SadieSadly, because of the somewhat unexpected trip back to the Midwest, I had to re-home my three lovely chickens.  But the coop is still there ready to welcome new girls in the spring.

Finally, and most importantly, the adoption for our 4 & 6-year-old grandchildren was granted on December 10th!  We have had the oldest his whole life and got his little sister 1 ½ years ago so nothing changed other than they are completely our own children.  We can make any decisions for them without having to go to court or get permission for.  Things like moving out-of-state.  

I started my business with Thirty-One Gifts for a couple of very good reasons.  1) I love Thirty-One and wanted to organize the RV with the product.  Why just buy all those organizers and bags when you can earn commission, right?  2)  With hubby retired, it gives me the chance to contribute to the family finances without going back to work outside the home. Washington!  And it’s going so well, I’ve promoted to Sr. Consultant.  That came with devoting significant time to build my business. 

And since MrPrepper is now retired, he has agreed to contribute to this blog!  Woo Hoo!  His knowledge and insight to important legislative issues about water and private property rights will be a great addition.

Also, since he is retired now, we are looking to possibly move to Missouri or Texas to buy a few acres and start the homestead I’ve been dreaming of for several years.  So this next step in my journey to self-reliance could be the most dramatic in finding and setting up a bona fide homestead with all the livestock I want to have.

So you see, life has been extremely demanding and has required my energies be placed elsewhere.  But I’m so happy to step back into writing and sharing the new journey we face as many things just opened up for us.

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IMG_2940I am really excited to announce that I will now be a contributing writer for the blog at ModernHomesteaders.net.  I have been a fan of theirs for awhile and being asked to contribute was very flattering and exciting.  I am scheduled to write for them once a week.


Click Here To Visit Modern Homesteaders

I will be talking about my road to prepping and the accomplishments I have made.  I hope to show how anyone, even if you are on a tight budget, how to start and build up emergency supplies and equipment.  But as importantly, I will be teaching alternative cooking methods, food preservation and other great DIY projects to help save you money.  I will share product reviews and a host of other things that should help you develop your own plan or hone in on the plan you have to move you ahead.

I’ve seen many things happen in the way of disasters.  Things like hurricanes, tornadoes, super storms, terror attacks and an economic system teetering in the brink of decline.  I see families displaced, left without a home to live in or even clothes on their backs.  I see these people at the mercy of charities and government agencies for their very survival.  I don’t want my family to be like those families we all see on television after such a big event. I hope you will follow me as I contribute to the great work Shane is doing at Modern Homesteaders.  If you don’t already subscribe to Modern Homesteaders, please click this link and visit them on Facebook by clicking here.

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Visit My Online Store

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