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k10370297Welcome! This article will be addressing how to be more self-sufficient in regards to common health problems for our household pets and bring awareness of what over-the-counter medications that can be used for dogs and cats.  AKA…fur babies! Many people keep on hand in their homes a variety of OTC’s for themselves of which many, surprisingly, are safe to use for our pets.  I am not in the medical profession, human or animal, so I do suggest that you consult your veterinarian or do your own research before using or if you question any OTC’s mentioned.

As a lot of people try to plan for natural or economic disasters, medical emergency planning is usually a top priority.  You stock up on medical supplies, OTC medications and you may even be frugal with your Rx meds by taking lower-than-instructed doses just to “stockpile”.  But what about your pets? What have you done or know to prep for them when they may not be feeling well.  Not just during a disaster, but  to have on hand for everyday life?

k7919617If you are anything like my family and most Americans, our pets are furry or feathered family members and are an important part of our lives. Like children, when in distress, they look to us for help.  If they only could talk and just tell us what the problem is!  This can be so unsettling as to what you should do as a pet owner/parent but with a little information and  inexpensive OTC choices, your pet could be feeling better quickly.  In my own home over the years, we have had various situations and there seems to be three choices: 1.) Do you call the vet and/or jump in the car and drive your pet to the vet immediately?   2.)  Research symptoms on the Internet.   3.) Do nothing and hope for the best?  We have done all three, but it is fast becoming a very different world and being self-sufficient is more important than ever.  With more and more people out of work,  lacking enough work or on a fixed income, one needs to be super savvy on how you spend your money.  Also, in a natural, economic or SHTF situation, you may not even have the first two options listed above to even consider, so as a prepper or a non-prepper  you may want to have information at hand to possibly remedy the problem.  Do you know whether you can use a human OTC diarrhea medication on your dog or cat?  Is it safe to give a cat an aspirin? What if your dog swallowed a sock…or even, two socks! What should you do?  All three of these scenarios have actually happened in our home. The  information, with this article, will give you an idea of what OTC choices you may have in your home for some very common ailments.

Sick dogBelow is a link to a PDF file.  Please feel free to print out this chart for  OTC medicines. This chart is just a small list of common OTC’s that you may already have in your home or it may give you an idea of what to purchase to keep on hand.  The chart is self-explanatory.  Also, there is a website with a link available that I would highly recommend that you read and print out to also include in your home pet medical library. This home remedy guide will cite various health scenarios and what OTC’s are recommended to help your pet.  This website is by a California veterinarian and  he offers this information to print out free of charge.  The doctors name is Dr. Greg Martinez and his website is http://dogdishdiet.com/.  Please visit his site and sign up for a free copy of Dr. Greg’s 11 Practical Home Remedies for Your Dog.  (I am not associated with Dr. Martinez or his website). All you will need to enter is a user name and an email address. His site will then email you the link to these home remedies. I have printed this information out myself and have it in our home pet binder with copies of  their up to date vaccines and any other pertinent health information for each of our pets which consists of three dogs, a cat and a very talkative conure (small parrot). This binder would go with me if we were to vacate our home in an emergency and also is taken when we travel in our RV.   Again, please remember to use any medication, prescription or OTC, with caution.  Consulting your vet prior to use is always the best method.  I have already discussed these medications beforehand with our vet and we are very fortunate that our vet encourages the use of email for questions.

Thank you for reading this information. It could help your beloved pet feel better and that will have you feeling relieved!  I look forward to sharing more self-sufficient ways in the future in the areas of care, feeding and prepping for your pet, sewing tips and projects, quilting, upcycling ideas and RV’ing. Until then….

Live life with heart!

Patriot Patsy


Prepping for Pets – OTC Home Remedies for Dogs & Cats

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