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Yes, politics has always been ugly.  But it’s never been as ugly.  At least not in my lifetime and not in our country.  This news doesn’t surprise me, it actually sheds light on things I’m aware of and that I am incredibly angry about.  The more transparent government we were promised has never been more deceitful, secretive and manipulative.  This is just shameful.  And it’s this type of manipulation which divides the left and right and which brings tensions so high.

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There Ain’t No More Middle-Ground | Sultan Knish.

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I find it strange to talk to people – friends and family – who are still not convinced that preparing their homes with extended supplies of life-sustaining food is a prudent task they should commit and devote themselves to.  I realize that not everyone is on the same page with what may lie ahead. Could a terrorist detonate a dirty bomb? Could we go to war with any country in the middle-east which would cause a significant shortage of gasoline? Could our beloved America plummet into civil unrest and civil war?  Could America go bankrupt?  Could we fall into another great depression?  Could a hurricane, tornado or earthquake shake your world? NASA is currently assessing the possible damage and impact of a solar flare reaching earths atmosphere, yikes!  Goodbye power grid. How about this one? Could the primary bread-winner in your home lose their job, get sick or, God forbid, even die? (more…)

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