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When I started writing about whole grains, I knew the subject matter was extensive and it would be necessary to be broken into several articles.  Sitting here writing this installment, I’m still not sure how far I am going to take it.  The further I get into my own experiments and research with it, the more amazing I find it to be.  There are so many virtues to using grains in your everyday diet and in having it in your long-term storage that it’s uses seem to be as endless as the varieties we have available to us.  I touched on only five grains in my last article, but that was no indication of the extent to the variety I have or intend to collect for both my pantry for regular use or for my long-term storage.  I have no idea what I will gather because I still don’t know all the varieties out there.  When I first began storing my food supplies, I started with the prepper staples, rice, wheat, legumes and beans.  As I was gathering them, I knew it was pretty bland food and I prayed I would never really have to be forced to pull them out to use them.  Partly because I had no idea what to do with them!


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As I am working on my whole grains series, I ran across this shore but informative video illustrating just one of the many health benefits of eating whole grains.


Whole Grains Part 1

Whole Grains Part 2

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Country Living Grain Mill

This article addresses the specific grains I have or am in the process of acquiring.   As with all my preparations, my grains supplies will be adjusted to include a wider variety as I learn more about others I may not know about now.  I’m always learning.  That’s what makes this lifestyle so exciting and interesting to me.  I learned early on that building a home store and long-term food storage takes planning, time and a budget.  I do a lot of research to be able to come to the decisions I make for all the foods and supplies I store.  Whether it’s food, first aid supplies, emergency equipment, appliances to preserve food.  I identify what I need, research the best brand which I can afford, and then budget for them.  The one tool I needed for my grains is obviously a quality grain mill.  There are so many on the market to consider.  However, for me the research was really not all that daunting because I have been into preparedness long enough to know where the more trusted sites are to give me honest reviews for products to meet my prepper needs.  When it came to the grain mill, it didn’t take long to realize that I wanted the Country Living Grain Mill.  I will be showing you how awesome this grain mill is and its versatility when I publish the next installment about processing your grains.  I will show you the recipes I found to make a variety of flours that I grind myself.  This grain mill has made that chore exponentially easier compared to one I had purchased when I first began storing food.


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This is the first installment which will be a series of articles, reviews and videos about grains. Because of all I learned and discovered in researching the value and benefits of grains, I want to share it with you.  But, because all that I learned is so abundant, I felt it would be best to break it into smaller articles.  Otherwise, I’m sure I would lose many readers.  And what I have to share is so exciting and important, I will give it to you in smaller, digestible doses.  So please, hit the “Follow” button on my blog so you can be sure to read all the information as I post it. 

The questions I posed to myself which I will offer my opinion’s on are:

  • What Are Grains?
  • What Are The Best Grains?
  • How Much Grain Should I Store &  How Do I Safely Store Them?
  • How Do I Prepare and Cook Grains?


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