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article-1286539-0A0845BE000005DC-905_468x644One of the event’s I prep for is a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) or Solar Flare and Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP).    With all the things going on in North Korea today particularly, a nuclear missle launched into the atmosphere would take down sattelites.  That would completely shut down our electronic grid.  No grid, no cell phones or other electronic communications.

With the advancement of technologies that run our lives today, the damage and devastation of either a CME or EMP would likely be catastrophic for our way of life.  Certainly, everything will be different.

There was a major event which happened in 1859 with what became known as The Carrington Event.  Should a similar solar storm erupt in the coming years, it will release a massive amount of high energy charged particles streaming toward Earth.  It is reported that it WILL penetrate Earth’s magnetic shield.

Can a Carrington Event happen again?  Of course!  Will it?  Eventually.  You may be surprised to learn that you have lived through two relatively recent events.  First, in March 1989 a solar storm crashed the Hydro-Quebec power grid and resulted in loses estimated to be in hundreds of millions of dollars.  Again in 1994 a solar storm caused major disruption to communications satellites, network television and nationwide radio across Canada. Neither of these storms was particularly powerful in comparison to the Carrington storm.

So when I heard that there will be a new series, also called The Carrington Event, I got excited.  For anyone, especially committed preppers, knowing and seeing what life might be once such an event happens will serve to give us further knowledge which will take some of the surprise out of it when it happens. It will also allow us to evaluate what and how we prepare.  Set to premier this summer, I can’t find an exact date.  But follow me on Facebook and I will be posting all the information I find.


The Carrington Event Series

Today’s Space Weather


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As I became more and more concerned about the vulnerability America has been thrown into by our very own government, my commitment to preparing on multiple levels became spliced into my DNA.  I have heard it said and find it to be true, prepping is not a “thing,” it’s a lifestyle. I didn’t believe it, I couldn’t even relate to it at first. But I am sure you will discover as we journey together here, you will see this truth in me.
Within the past year or so, I committed to myself that I would do something each and every day toward prepping for the family I love and cherish so much.  Of course, by the time I made this promise to myself, I was already fully committed to the entire concept. And while I can confess to many other promises I failed to live up to, this is one I have stayed true to 100%!
Each night when I lay my head down, I reflect on what I have accomplished on that day.  I fall asleep thinking of what I can or should get done tomorrow.  To keep me honest and to share how I do my prepping, I will do my best to share my progress with you, every day.
Developing skills which we lost over the past generation or two is vitally important if society stumbles or crumbles. The skills range from knowing first aid to becoming somewhat of an ad hoc engineer being able to fix and build things we might need, but can not find or be able to afford.  If we are thrust into a critical situation with no electricity, a depleted financial system where money has little or no value and an unreliable source for food at the local grocers, would you rather know how to fly a jetliner or would you rather know how to grow and preserve your own food and protect your family?
You see,  prepping does not always equate to putting food in a bucket or dehydrating a bag of potatoes or corn.  But adding to your food supply should always be a priority.  Successful prepping is going to require a multi tiered action plan.

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